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Graduations cause great excitement in the family. So much so, that the participants can easily become as nervous as the average wedding couple. Subsequently, we decided a long time ago to acquire a small selection of graduation gowns and hoods from most of the popular universities, to be used by our clients in our studio.

This has allowed us to offer the facility to have your graduation portrait created either before the ceremony or indeed, long after. This can prove very popular as often directly after the ceremony, the graduate is ushered off by parents and family for a meal to celebrate the occasion. Not, I am sure you will agree, the best time to be concentrating on a particular expression, for the photographer.

There are also other occasions however, when the official graduation photograph taken, is not quite to the graduate's liking and for those situations, being able to have a further sitting without the expense of hiring the official gown and hood is certainly attractive. We also have a variety of ‘Mortar Boards’ and scrolls to add to the character. With all our graduation sittings parents, family members and relatives are all welcome to come in to a group shot if they so wish.

As with all our studio packages we alter the lighting and background to suit each individual and from our standard studio service ‘A’ you can have the option of a number of finished size enlargements either in gilt folders or in a ornate frame to enhance the finished product. A useful service particularly for the graduate job hunting is to have an image supplied on CD or DVD which can be used to email or to include on cv job applications. Ask for more details.


Image Shown here is Ahbad, wearing our gown, hood and scroll, allowing as mentioned before, for images to be recreated, long after the official graduation ceremony. Also availabe are a variety of 'Mortar Boards'.

A popular service provided for graduates is their favourite image transferred onto CD/DVD from which they can create CV's and web site illustrations.Typical charges are detailed below...


This is our 'starting off' portrait sitting suitable for all applications. It is included in all or packages. Approx 30 photographs are taken, changing the backgrounds and lighting, together with your posture. The shoot is complete with presentation previews. From this selection you choose your favourite one and this is enlarged to size 10x8".

Total cost inc photography...65.00


As service (A) plus a framed 10x8" enlargement...85.00


As service (A) plus a framed 10x12" enlargement...105.00


As service (A) plus a framed 15x12" enlargement...125.00


As service (A) plus a framed 15x12" canvas bond enlargement...145.00


As service (A) plus a framed 20x16" canvas bond enlargement...195.00


As service (A) plus a framed 24x20" canvas bond enlargement...265.00

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Service (A)

 30 mini previews.
1-10x8 print and all images on DVD.

65.00 Complete

Only during  Jun/Jul/Aug

Most popular gowns and hoods available at no charge!

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and get a free 10x8.







For additional information on any of our services and immediate attention simply call us on 0141-332-9445/01505-690652 or alternatively our mobile number is 07879-247155 bucstudio@aol.com

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