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Registry Office Weddings
Our range of wedding packages also includes coverage at most of the local registry offices including Park Circus Glasgow, Paisley, Barrhead and Eastwood. All of these offices have some form of landscape gardening nearby, notably Eastwood. This obviously can make a distinct difference to the quality of the photographs and in particular with our ‘Budget’ range of registry office weddings.

These are special wedding packages which only include wedding photography at the registry office and not anywhere else, eg local park or hotel reception. This does however, allow us to offer a very competitive price for quality bridal photography at most of the registry offices in our vicinity.

Typically, this package is only for photography at the actual registry office, with no wedding album included, although one can be added at a later date. An average cost for this package, which includes gilt folders, is 450.00 and offers exceptional value. As mentioned before, a finished wedding album can be added at a later date from a range of over fifty with prices starting from 225.00.

We have found over the years, that couples booking a budget registry package, will often upgrade to a deluxe finished package, when they see the quality of their wedding coverage. We treat even a budget coverage with the same enthusiasm as our top service!



No Wedding Album supplied with the services below. Prints supplied in Gilt Folders. Albums can be purchased later, if desired, from a selected range of twenty. Only for coverage at registry office.

15-8x6" photos.....450.00

20-8x6" photos.....500.00

25-8x6" photos.....550.00

15-10x8" photos....500.00

20-10x8" photos....630.00

25-10x8" photos....700.00


A new digital service for modern couples wishing professional coverage of their registry office wedding, allowing them personal control, without compromising quality.

100 images CD/DVD.......450.00

150 images on CD/DVD...525.00

200 images on CD/DVD...650.00

High quality digital images transferred onto CD/DVD with full copyright release, allowing you to do what you please with the finished photographs. Ready same day of wedding for certain bookings and offering tremendous value!




For additional information on any of our services and immediate attention simply call us on 0141-332-9445/01505-690652 or alternatively our mobile number is 07879-247155 bucstudio@aol.com

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